World Cup Records (part 2)

Who is the 1st Centurian of the World Cup?

Denis Lesley Ammis (England)

Who co ordinated most matches as an umpire?

David Shefard (England), 46

Who played most matches in the World Cup?

Glen Mcgrath & Ricky Ponting (Australia), 39

Who played most matches as a Captain in the World Cup?

Steven Fleming (New Zealand), 27

Who is the youngest player in the World Cup?

Talha Jubier (Bangladsh), age 17 years & 70 days

Who is the oldest player in the World Cup?

Nolan Clerk (Berbados), 47 days & 297 days

Who is the first cricketer banned from World Cup Cricket for drug 


Shane Warne (Australia)

How many tems played in the World Cup?


Who is the first hatrick man in the World Cup?

Cheton Sharma (India)

Who hit six 6's in six balls in World Cup?

Hersal Gibbs (South Africa)

Who is the fastest centurian in the World Cup?

Mathew Hayden (Australia), 66 balls

Who took four wickets in four balls in the World Cup?

Lasith Malinga (Sri Lanka)

Who is the most champion in the World Cup?

Australia, 4 times

Who is the first World Cup Captain of Bangladesh?

Aminul Islam Bulbul


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