Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) 2013 Match Schedule

The Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) 2013 will start from 9th Feb 2013 & finish on 10th  March 2013. First match will be played between Kerala Strikers and Mumbai Heroes.

8 teams will participate in Celebrity Cricket League:

  • Mumbai Heroes,

  • Telugu Warriors,

  • Chennai Rhinos,

  • Karnataka Bulldozers,

  • kerala Strikers,

  • Bengal Tigers,

  • Veer Marathi,

  • Bhojpuri Dabanggs.


Celebrity Cricket League will be held in following grounds:

  • Kochi  

  • Vizag   

  • Bengaluru

  • Pune    

  • Sharjah

  • Kolkata

  • Ranchi  

  • Hyderabad

  • Bengaluru         
 If you are BPL (BANGLADESH PREMIERE LEAGUE) fan, check the opening ceremony pictures

Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) 2013 Fixture:

9-Feb    Saturday           Kochi  
Chennai Rhinos VS Bhojpuri Dabangs       3.00 pmKerala Strikers   VS Mumbai Heroes         7.00 pm 
10-Feb  Sunday  Vizag   

Veer Marathi      VS Bengal Tigers            3.00 pmTelugu Warriors VS Karnataka Bulldozers 7.00 pm

 16-Feb  Saturday           Bengaluru         

Telugu Warriors VS Bhojpuri Dabanggs    3.00 pmChennai Rhinos  VS Karnataka Bulldozers 7.00 pm

 17-Feb  Sunday  Pune    

Kerala Strikers   VS Bengal Tigers            3.00 pmVeer Marathi VS             Mumbai Heroes  7.00 pm

 23-Feb  Saturday           Sharjah

Chennai Rhinos VS         Mumbai Heroes  3.00 pmKerala Strikers   VS Bhojpuri Dabanggs    7.00 pm

 24-Feb  Sunday  Kolkata

Veer Marathi      VS Karnataka Bulldozers 3.00 pmTelugu Warriors VS Bengal Tigers            7.00 pm

 2-Mar    Saturday           Ranchi  

Kerala Strikers   VS Karnataka Bulldozers 3.00 pmVeer Marathi VS             Bhojpuri Dabanggs         7.00 pm

 3-Mar    Sunday  Hyderabad       

Chennai Rhinos  VS Bengal Tigers            3.00 pmTelugu warriors  VS Mumbai Heroes         7.00 pm

 9-Mar    Saturday           Hyderabad       

Semi Final 1       3.00 pmSemi Final 2       7.00 pm

 10-Mar  Sunday  Bengaluru         

Final     7.00 pm

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