Handball is a competitive game. In this game a ball is hit with the hand against a wall alternately by opposing players. Singles handball is played by two opponents; doubles handball is played by two teams of partners.
Courts :
Handball may be played on a one-wall, three-wall, or four-wall court. Courts are divided by a short line that separates the frontcourt from the backcourt. A service zone defines the area where a player must stand when putting the ball into play. The hollow ball is made of rubber or synthetic material. Players wear form-fitting gloves, usually made of soft leather, to protect the hands.
Rules & Penalties :
The purpose of the game is to hit the ball against a wall with either hand in such a way that the opponent or opponents cannot return it. A point is awarded to the server if the receiver misses the ball; points can be scored only by the server. If the server misses a return, the opponent becomes the server. The first team to score 21 points wins the game. Usually the best of three games wins a match.
To begin play a player stands in the service zone, bounces the ball, and strikes it with one hand so that it hits the front wall and rebounds on the court behind the short line; in four-wall games the ball may hit one sidewall before hitting the floor. The server is allowed two attempts for a successful serve. The receiver must return the ball to the front wall before the ball bounces twice. The rally continues until one player is unable to make the return.
Important Technique :
Basically, the skills of handball may be broken down into mastery of the many types of shots, close control of the rebound, and strong, skillful use of either hand. The ball can be stroked overhand, sidearm, or underhand. In the sidearm stroke, the player should be low, parallel to the floor, to achieve the most effective shot.


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