cricket fans clashed with police on Buying World Cup Ticket

On the 1st day of ticket selling in Bangladesh, cricket fans clashed with police in the capital city Dhaka. Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) says that there will be 15,000 per-match available for the public. But due to huge rush & some gossip make the situation worse. The cricket fans were angered after being told that only 500 tickets would be sold per branch as a result of the strict scrutiny over buyers' identification papers.

Police takes action to control the mobs. "They raised slogans and held demonstrations. We dispersed the protesters and maintained calm," police inspector Shah Alam told AFP.

There are also some happy faces who got tickets. A fan club from Bangladesh named "Doura Baagh Ailo" which translates roughly as "Run !! here come the tigers..!" said "We all get tickets and its mainly because we stand in line from the 31st night for tickets are on sale from 2nd Jan. We don't sleep for two nights but the precious rewards are now in our hands- we got all the tickets of every match of 2011 world cup to be held in Bangladesh."

The ticket went on sale at 80 branches of City Bank and Agrani Bank in 64 districts.


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